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Welcome to Bloomington
Legion Post 550 Baseball

If you'd like to receive emails from Post 550 Baseball, while logged in with your SportsEngine account click on your initials in the upper right hand corner and then click on "Connect to Site".

SignUp Genius for Volunteer Shifts at the Junior Legion State Tournament

Below are the links to SignUp Genius to volunteer for shifts at the Junior Legion State Tournament at Haddox Field July 28-31, 2022.

PLEASE NOTE this is not just another tournament we host, this is the Minnesota D1 Junior Legion State Tournament and your participation is necessary to provide these athletes the best experience possible during this special occasion. Please take the opportunity to sign up for as many shift as you can. All players are eligible for all shifts as well. If you need to cancel your shift the day of, please contact Mark Scott directly at 612-382-6680. Please do not delete your shift from the sign up genius without giving appropriate notice. Thank you to everyone in advance!

If you have any questions please contact Mark Scott at or 612-382-6680.


All team scheduling and communications will be handled through the "New" GameChanger app (not "Classic"). If you do not have the new app please load it on your mobile device. This is how you will receive your team's schedule and communications.

If this is your first time using the "New" GameChanger app and you already have a "Classic" user account, you will need to make a new user account because the two apps are separate. You can use the same email and password as your "Classic" account. Once you've signed in to the "New" app you can link to your "Classic" account so that you can get your subscription benefits if you have a subscription. To link your accounts got to your "Profile" at the bottom right of your screen, then tap on "Link Accounts" and enter the email address associated with you "Classic" account.

To find our team pages, tap on "Teams" at the bottom left and tap on the magnifying glass at the top left. Type in "Post 550" and a link to all four team pages will appear in the list below. Tap on the link for the desired team(s) making sure it's for the 2022 Summer season and become a "Fan".

If you have any questions or need assistance contact Todd Holzinger at or 612-867-6604.

2022 Legion Baseball Season

As we look forward to the 2022 Legion baseball season, the following is a list of tournaments we plan to attend or host next summer.

  • Monday May 30th, Walking in Bloomington Memorial Day Parade
  • June 10-12; Hosting Red Haddox Junior Legion Wood Bat
  • June 17-19; Hosting Red Haddox Senior Legion Wood Bat
  • June 30-July 2; Attending Fargo Tournament (Junior and Senior)
  • July 8-11, Hosting Gopher Classic
  • July 28-31; Hosting 2022 Minnesota D1 Junior Legion State Tournament
  • August 5-7; Hosting 2022 Junior Legion All-Star event.

Bloomington Legion Post 550 Baseball Mission Statement

The mission of the Bloomington Legion Program is to develop its players both mentally and physically for competition at the next level. Furthermore, it is the program's goal to provide our players an environment that gives them the opportunity to further develop their individual skills and experience personal achievement within a team atmosphere. We strive to provide the characteristics of good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, loyalty and a sense of teamwork through a positive competitive environment, so that our fine athletes may become strong, healthy, well-adjusted members of the community.

Mark Scott

Bloomington Post 550 Baseball Managing Director

Phone: 612-382-6680

Todd Holzinger

Bloomington Post 550 Baseball Technology Manager

Phone: 612-867-6604