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2024 Red Haddox Junior Legion Wood Bat Tournament


Pool A W L T RF RA

 Eastview Silver

 Mankato West          


Pool B W L T RF RA
 Lakeville North          


 La Crescent          

Rules and Pool Play Tie Breaker Methods

  1. Bloomington is home team in all pool play games.
  2. All other pool play games home team determined by coin toss.
  3. Sunday, all games home team determined by coin toss.
  4. Run rule: 8 runs after 5 (or 4 1/2) innings.
  5. No new inning after 1 hour 50 minutes.


        1. Win/Loss/Tie record.
        2. Head to head.
        3. Least number of runs allowed against tied teams.
        4. Run differential against tied teams (max. plus or minus                10  runs).
        5. Least amount of runs allowed total in pool play.
        6. Run differential total in pool play (max. plus or minus
            10 runs).
        7. Coin toss if more than two teams are tied.

Schedule and Results

Friday June 14th, 2024
GM01 8:30 AM  Bloomington (3B Dugout)   vs  Eastview Silver (1B Dugout)  
GM02 11:00 AM  Eastview Silver (1B Dugout)   vs  Becker (3B Dugout)  
GM03 1:30 PM  Lakeville North (3B Dugout)   vs  Farmington (1B Dugout)  
GM04 4:00 PM  Hamel (1B Dugout)   vs  Lakeville North (3B Dugout)  
GM05 6:30 PM  La Crescent (3B Dugout)   vs  Hamel (1B Dugout)  
GM06 8:30 PM  Bloomington (3B Dugout)   vs  Mankato West (1B Dugout)  


Saturday June 15th, 2024
GM07 8:30 AM  Farmington (3B Dugout)   vs  La Crescent (1B Dugout)  
GM08 11:00 AM  La Crescent (1B Dugout)   vs  Lakeville North (3B Dugout)  
GM09 1:30 PM  Hamel (3B Dugout)   vs  Farmington (1B Dugout)  
GM10 4:00 PM  Mankato West (3B Dugout)   vs  Eastview Silver (1B Dugout)  
GM11 6:30 PM  Becker (1B Dugout)   vs  Mankato West (3B Dugout)  
GM12 8:30 PM  Bloomington (3B Dugout)   vs  Becker (1B Dugout)  


Sunday June 16th, 2024
GM13 9:00 AM  4th Place Pool A  


 4th Place Pool B  
GM14 11:30 AM  3rd Place Pool A   vs  3rd Place Pool B  
GM15 2:00 PM  2nd Place Pool A   vs  2nd Place Pool B  
GM16 4:30 PM  1st Place Pool A   vs  1st Place Pool B  


Mark Scott

Bloomington Post 550 Baseball Managing Director

Phone: 612-382-6680